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« on: September 01, 2020, 10:13:47 PM »
Everything is fine.  Nothing is wrong, existence is continuing as it has since time began.
Except that the gods of all pantheons, who normally can see into the future of major events before they happen, cannot see past a certain day... A day that is coming very soon.

A normal day, from what the future can tell, like any other, with all the powers and peoples of all the worlds going about their lives.
Except that this one day... Well, out of nowhere and for no known reason, existence all just... ends.

Welcome to the War of the Planes, where powers both ordinary and unstoppable will strive to save all of existence.  (Or, at least to profit from the chaos of it all!)

Ruleset:  Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Edition
Campaign Setting:  Forgotten Realms

Dragon Coast / Veldora-- "Odd Chances."
« on: March 16, 2020, 10:32:33 PM »
There are few places in Faerun with as many organized evil organizations as the Dragon Coast.  Thieves guilds and other criminal organizations inhabt the loose islands, which have no real government other than what each city is able to impose upon it's citizens.

It is in this world of pirates, assassins, and crooked merchants that Veldora finds himself wandering, albeit along a lonely quiet, road for the moment.  Of course in a way, it's an excellent place for a young kobold to find his way through life.  While there are dangers in this part of the world, to be certain, in a more "civilized" city he may be executed immediately simply based on the unavoidable fact that he is a kobold.

Currently, you have left your clan who lives near the Lake of Dragons-- Or, as the humans call it, "Dragonmere".  You have many options of where you can travel to:

You can explore the Lake of Dragons more.  You've never had much chance to explore without the limitations of your family, so if you want to know more about it, now is your chance.

The elders of the clan told stories of the Sea of Fallen Stars, some sort of "sea" that is even larger than the Lake of Dragons, if that could be possible.  It's supposed to be a massive ocean-like lake that connects all of the East and West of the world-- surely you could meet all kinds of interesting people there!

Gulthmere Forest is a huge and healthy forest that  your clan knows to hold all sorts of tribes, as well as the powerful Nobanion, an immortal lion that patrols and protects the woods from any who would harm it.  There is also a small city here that is famous for those who study the magic of nature.

The Giant's Run Mountains are probably a bad idea.  Huge birds that have been known to swoop down and carry off kobolds live here, and even the mighty humans avoid the area.  But, if you can find some cover under trees from the bird-creatures, then it could mean you have less chance to run into humans that might want to kill you just for being a kobold.

You might be able to get a ride on a ship to the Pirate Isles.  A few kobolds have become pirates that you have heard of, although none have ever had a very happy time of it.  Still, with your magic, perhaps you could be very valuable on a ship, and wouldn't be treated too badly?

There are, of course, many cities and even small villages you could travel to if you wanted to intereact with others.  They are mostly human settlements, some small villages where a strange little non-violent kobold might be spoken to rather than just killed, or the larger cities where most people are too busy to care about a kobold wandering the streets.

The entire world is before you, and you can start going anywhere.  Where do you choose?

Summary of the story so far:

After the events of the mountain war between dwarves and orcs, seperated from her ally Aurumvorax and fleeing capture yet again, Lorennia has stumbled into a magical realm in what remains of the forest Keltormir in Northeaster Calimshan.   Somehow treading between the Prime Material and Ethereal realms, she has come to an errie forest clearing that she has surely never been to before, though it is curiously familiar.

Once within the boundries of the grove, having been guided by a young elven sentry, she found herself in the midst of a strange elven celebration.  Instruments had been risen from the creek surrounding the place, with thick, heavy reeds forming an organ and almost every elf wielding some sort of horn, picolo, clarinet or flute.  There was dancing and music before she arrived, though she did not hear it before entering the grove.

Everywhere was elvenwine, and as the sentry went back to duty, Lorennia was approached by none other than Elaith Craulnobar.  He suggested that they form an alliance, but Loroennia rejected him coldly and he stalked away.  She attempted to spot the young sentry, but she must have already been back in the woods.  Lorennia was contemplating the puzzle of why nobody seemed to be able to hear or understand her name when she introduced herself when a ridiculous human introduced himself with some inane rambling.  He claimed to be the nefew of the Blackstaff, who he pointed out is present at this strange gathering, and asked to dance with her under the premise that he was attempting to avoid a conversation with the stern archmage.  Lorennia agreed, thinking she would be able to glean some information from him.  He guesses more than she might have expected, but she does learn by giving him a fake name that it is specifcally her real name that others cannot seem to hear.

The music changes to a communal dance, a circular affair where you are supposed to spin around to different partners.  Lorennia's next partner, however, jerked his hands back in surprise at her rough hands, but Danilo Thann, still watching her curiously after their conversation, thought quickly... He stole everyone's attention away from Lorennia's possible awkward moment by trying to entertain the crowd himself, to their humorous delight and his uncle's ultimate ire.

The music and dancing changed again, to a more intimate, slow song, and Lorennia moved closer to hear Khelben chide his nefew, but quickly found her head swimming in a fog as she danced with the most perfect elf she had ever known, whose presence she had not known before these moments could even exist.  He seemed to be the reincarnation of King Zoar, but somehow even in his perfection, he could not hear her name.

Stumbling away from him after the song ends and he bows deeply, Lorennia recaptures herself and finds that she, Danilo, and Elaith are all frustrated.  Something is wrong about what is going on here, all of it.  Khelben and Laeral, Eliminister himself, so many elves of obvious power and human archmages that were known to have close ties to elven history... What were they all doing here?

The song ended, and there was an errie silence.  The roots of the trees seem to grow the stage larger, and Amlaruil Moonflower, Queen of All Elves herself, walks to the center of the gathering.  Her two handmaindens follow confidently, and the music begins anew.

The power of it slammed into everyone present, consuming all of their attention.  All of the elves were thrown into wild excitement, waiving their arms and screaming at the top of their lungs.  For a moment, it was deafening, but dired to a merely loud roar quickly, and the music took over once more.  Lorennia looked to the fierce Elaith, he seemed stunned into obsession with the song.  Danilo Thann fell to his knees with all other elves, leaving only Lorennia and Elminister standing.  Elminister seemed to be attempting to teleport away, but was pulled back with a green puff of smoke, as though a door had been slammed shut on him.  He cursed, but was quickly overtaken by the music as well, and fell to his knees in obsession with it.

Danilo had his hand on his sword, but could not hold it.  Lorennia attempted to hold his hand around it, he seemed to be trying to draw it forth, but lost the strength.  Lorennia when to slap him across the face, to no avail.  She would have attacked more sensitive areas of his anatomy, but it was protected by his current prone position.  His hand slipped free of the sword, and her own slipped onto the handle during the struggle.  She still felt the pull of the elven song that had begun, but a faint whisper from his sword sang in her mind.  She couldn't make out the words, but she felt it's attempt to protect her.

And then that magical abjuration broke, and she fell into the music with everyone else.

« on: March 01, 2020, 03:11:13 PM »
Ruleset: Dungeons & Dragons 3.5
Campaign Setting:  Forgotten Realms Multiverse
Race: Any non-deity.
Class: Any level 1.

I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons since 1990.
I have been a Dungeon Master since 1994.
Don't hold back... play literally anything you want!

If you like automatic character generators, here is the one I normally use for quick character generation:

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