War of the Planes-- Player's Guidebook v1.1 [FREE].

Started by GameMaster, Apr 23, 2023, 02:47 PM

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Getting Started:
You can be playing in as litle as 1 minute:

1. Create your character.
2. Let the Game Master know anything else you want to.
3. Get your character approved, get started and have fun!

Character Creation:
1. Write a short phrase that describes your character.
2. Use two words that describe your character's body.
3. Use two words that describe your character's mind.
4. Describe your two items, each with an adjective and a noun.
5. Give your character a name.

You can be anyone or anything you want, subject to the Game Master's approval.
Optional: Provide a background for your character and gain extra customization!

How to Play:
1. After you create character, the Game Master will thrust you into the world, and into a situation.
2. The Game Master will end with "What do you want to do?" and you will respond with whatever you want to try.
3. The Game Master with the results of whatever you're atempting, and asks you what you want to try next.

What about Experience and Level Up?
1. The Game Master decides when to award points.
2. You can use the points to improve a description you already have, or to add another.
3. All improvements are subject to approval by the Game Master.

What's the best way to use descriptive words in my character's creation?
1. Use descriptions that are permanent, or at least long-term.
2. Use descriptions that are clear and finite.

What's going on behind the scenes?
1. The Game Master runs the entire rest of the world that isn't a player's character.
2. The Game Master rolls dice to determine whether actions are successful or not.

Tell me how the game mechanics work?
1. Game Mechanics and other issues are explained in the Game Master's Guidebook.
2. Once the players know how the system works, they can begin rolling their own dice.

Can I really make ANYTHING I want?
1. Yes, but the Game Master ultimately decides what is allowed and what is not.
2. If you're playing in a group, try to keep your power level close to that of other players.

Can I play more than 1 character at a time?
1. Yes, and it is encouraged.  However, you should choose one "main" character that I will update for every day.  Other characters will be updated minimum once per week.
2. Get approval from the Game Master before attempting to run multiple characters together in a single team.

What do you do?


1. To create your character, create a New Topic in the "Character Creation" area.

2. Make the Subject of the New Topic your character's name.

3. Fill out the rest of the information in the body of the Message (below the smily faces)
What do you do?