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Started by Phineas, Apr 25, 2023, 08:19 AM

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Phrase:  Robert P. Rose, call me Phineas, there are too many Bobs out there.

Body:  Average, Fit
Mind: Sharp, Inquisitive, Educated
Item1: Leather Journal
Item2: Pocket Knife

History:  The genius son of two geniuses  ...
His father was an engineer that designed and built ships, his mother was a sage who research and cataloged ancient civilizations and lore; he was taught by both. They live at a coastal town, Phineas could swim before he could walk and he learned to walk on the deck of a ship. His parents died when he was 16, he's  been making his way ever since on the seas.

His main possessions are a leather journal, a bronze spyglass, a pocket knife and a meerschaum pipe  ...

He is median height (70"/1.75m), fit but not super athletic (175#/80k)
He has a sharp and inquisitive mind


Approved, with minor edits for consistency in the game mechanics.

Your character has been started here:

"Ungodly Gains"
What do you do?


My name is Robert P. Rose, call me Phineas, there are too Bob's out there ...

I am the genius son of two geniuses, my parents were both highly educated and successful . We are from the ocean-kingdom of L√≥menslindor√ę, an island archipelago. My mother was a sage and a scribe, who cataloged ancient civilizations and my father a master shipbuilder, perhaps the greatest that ever lived and they taught me everything. I could swim before I could walk, I learned to walk on the decks of a ship. My parents died on a burning, sinking ship in a war that raged across all the world. The war was led by Zerathos himself, High Priest of Malgrathor the Deceiver, the demon-god who revels in death, destruction, chaos and conquest.

As far as I know, I am the lone survivor, since so many sacrificed their last moments to give me this one chance to travel through the portal and into the last of the worlds to meet with the Angels and return with the weapon that could focus truth into a Firelight strong enough to burn the Demon-God Malgrathor himself!

Since everyone has died or passed away as their worlds were destroyed, I have been making my way in the backstreets of this world, learning new skills and gathering resources and setting up for the final conflict with Zerathos and his master Malgrathor.